The company journey

- towards Expectations Engineering capabilities

Expectations Engineering is by nature a corporate competence. A company with strong EE skills make good products, a company with poor EE skills fail to often.

Little will the best individual trained employees help, if the company does not support their professionalism.

Little will the best designed and tool supported practices do, if the employees dont know how to use them.

But when skilled professionals are supported by well designed processes with state of the art tool support, that’s when the quantum leap in performance is experienced, and new successful products are launched faster than ever. 

That is the purpose of expectation engineering. 

Getting there  is a corporate journey. And it can look like this: 

Step 1 is training of generic competences. 

Step 2 is to define the optimal way for your organization to perform Expectations Engineering.

Step 3 is to ensure that all relevant employees are capable to use Expectations Engineering to  create the best possible input to those who are going to make the solution.

All journeys are different, and tailored to the specific situation. 

Define your goals! How would you expect your teams to perform?  What is the state of the current support? 

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