Team members Journey i Whitebox Expectations

All team members have access to all the modules, and can take all modules at any time. Most group leaders though, will raise awareness about certain topics and call for a meeting where the daily practices are discussed to look for improvements. Relevant team members will be asked to prepare for the meeting by taking the relevant module. Then, the meeting will be conducted based on the input from a team, where all are aligned around:

  • why” this practice is important
  • what” the team is achieving if the practice is performed well.

 In the module quizzes all Team members have been asked to evaluate the practice in relation to the teams way of working, and that input is provided to the Team leader.  With this input to the meeting, it makes perfect sense to discuss the current practice and how it could be done better. Inspiration for better practices can be found in the course materials. 
The goal for the meeting is that the team is truly committed to working a little smarter in the future.

Completing all modules qualify to an individual certificate as a “Whitebox Expectation Engineer”

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Here is the story behind, why Whitebox coined Expectations Engineering and made “Whitebox Expectations”