The Company Journey

- How to get to "better and faster solutions"!

Expectations Engineering is the new approach to the engineering disciplines that is performed – before technical engineering!

Whitebox Expectations is a learning system providing all your organisation needs to establish the required competences to benefit from great expectations engineers. However, obviously, it takes a serious corporate commitment

Individual EE competence is only a small part of the bigger picture. EE is a corporate competence. Getting there requires competence investments on these three levels:

Team work-pana


Group Leadership

Team members

E.g. 20% more high quality products on the market are realistic for the company with expectation engineering ambitions. But – despite the good intentions – many classical organisational structures are prohibiting fast and efficient development. Essential strategic actions are required from the Cxx-level. 

The concept is entirely depending on leaders who wants their teams to be better! Whitebox Expectations is supporting this leadership with guidance, instructions, templates and training.

Contributing to high quality solutions is in the heart of all valued employees who are developing new solutions. Often they actually know the better way of doing it. Whitebox Expectations is facilitating the finding and promoting of the good practices to the benefit of all professionals.  

The first step is to manifest the vertical leadership on all three levels. Then, using Whitebox Expectations, the many small improvements leading to the great performance will happen. When the vertical commitment is established the training and improvement strategy looks like this: