New concepts in Whitebox Expectations

Your benefits of Whitebox Expectations can be explored quickly through our “Quick&Dirty”-teaser.

Before you can appreciate the value of Whitebox Expectations there are relevant questions to be asked. For this purpose we have collected some questions and videos to answer them here:

What is the data behind the bold promise of the power of Whitebox Expectations?


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What is the scope of Expectations Engineering?

Whitebox Expectations is “old wine in new bottles”.  The unique new bottles (concepts) are described in the next videos.

Treating requirements engineering, risk management and testing as separate disciplines done by separate groups of employees has been a failure. Check out the reason, by exploring The Holistic Approach in this video.

What if all employees shared the same knowledge? Time has come to establish a “Corporate Memory”.

Check the power behind this concept here.

You don’t need employees with certificates! You need high performing teams and an organisation that supports them.

But still – most training is individual training! See more here.

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