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Welcome to the Expectations Engineering -Individual Training

After this course, you are qualified to improve the way, your team is performing expectations engineering.

Your help is needed! Most organizations are painfully aware of the problem. Some are aware of the factual business impact it has. Only few has managed to solve it.

Your challenge – should you choose to accept it – is to solve the problem for your team by using the best of the many great practices, that are available. This course will make you capable of choosing between good practices, by establishing guiding principles based on the value that the specific disciplines will provide to your specific context.

So, don’t expect to be presented to the one and only way of doing expectations engineering. Because that does not exist. 

But do expect to be challenged to evaluate your own context, and be encouraged to take smart decisions with significant impact. 

Do what you can do. Grand scale revolutions never works. But even the smallest steps can have a great impact, if only they are smart enough. Make them smart. 

The practices are known to the industry. It is not rocket science at all.
The challenge is to pick the best.

Module structure

All modules follows the structure seen to the right. 

You will find additional material in the “Materials” folder including a PDF of the powerpoint used in the course video. 

“Rationales” are short videos that elaborates on a specific topic. They are important, and are distributed all over for your convenience. You don’t need to see it again if you allready have seen it, but view it again if you feel uncertain about the topic. 

Order of lessons and modules!

Take the course as listed below, or in any other order! There is only little natural order in the concept, so if you feel like changing the order – please do. If you feel you miss some topics or definitions, then skim the relevant module for clarification.