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Expectations Engineering competence building is provided at three levels, depending on ambitions and organizational scope. 


Individual Training. This training is for the individual who wants to build own competences in expectations engineering. 

This is classic training in a top modern learning environment.

For Maturity Level 1 (CMMI/ISO33061SPICE/…)

Expectations Engineering – Individual Foundation

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Team training is designed to support a ambitious leader and the leaders teams/projects. 

This is classic training and including the teams reflections to the principles as input to facilitated design of best practices for high performing teams.

For Maturity Level 1 and 2 (CMMI/ISO33061/SPICE/…)



Corporate training is designed for an organisation who will integrate expectations engineering in the core competences of the organisation.

Classic training where the principles are used to motivate, or improve, the organisations defined practices. 

For Maturity Level 2 and above (CMMI/ISO33061/SPICE/…)

Expectations Engineering – Corporate training

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