'Whitebox Expectations'
Training in requirements engineering and all the stuff that is the weakest link in fast development


Based on the experienced problems expressed during interviews with 600+ projects, Whitebox have compiled the best practices and their context into the “Whitebox Expectations” concept and added the missing parts. All packed in role based competence building for efficient deployment

The weakest link

Two observations from 40 years of service explains why "Whitebox Expectations" is strengthening the weakest link in todays product development and project execution.

1. While the industry has excelled fantastic in advanced technical engineering, the engineering of the expectations to the solution has hardly developed at all!

2. While the industry has clearly recognized "poor requirements" as being the main source of problems, there is still no coherent training available!

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“Whitebox Expectations” establish an new profession to strengthen the weakest link in the value chain from idea to product. An Expectation Engineer’s responsibility is to provide the best possible input to the technical engineers.

“Whitebox Expectations” is meta training, because there is no one best practice that always works. There are many great practices that sometimes work. “Whitebox Expectations” teach the team to choose the right practice.

“Whitebox Expectations” is holistic, because it combines the requirements engineering, the risk management and the testing disciplines around the central objects: The Expectations to the solution”.

“Whitebox Expectations” is individual training, team training and corporate competence building. Based on ImprovAbility/ISO33014 for the corporate benefits, common available standards and methods for the content and applying the latest learning management tools for modern asynchronous online learning and certification.

Your company's one stop solution to have 30% more new products, faster, by strengthen the weakest link.

Expectations Engineering – Teams


Expectations Engineering – Individual Foundation


Expectations Engineering – Leader course